Personal Cash Loans in Christchurch:

Why we are different:

Our whole money lending process is designed with flexibility to allow the loan to fit the client, rather than attempting to make the client fit the loan. We respect the fact that everyone is different and if we can’t help you today we can tell you what you need to do so we can help you tomorrow.

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Why choose Fair City Finance

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply apply on-line and submit your application direct to Fair City Finance – even from your own home!

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What can I use the cash loan for?

Anything you want, almost – here are some examples of loans our borrowers asked for:

  • Vehicle purchase
  • Paying unexpected bills: medical bills, dental bills, vets bills…
  • Back to School expenses
  • Urgent car repairs
  • Home improvements
  • Travel for a holiday
  • Almost anything!

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Fair City Finance interest rates for loans range from 14.95% to 19.95% per annum. Loans are required to be repaid by equal instalments of principal and interest over terms of between six months and four years. Establishment fees vary based on the new loan amount. Full details of all fees are available here

A $5,000 loan repayable over three years at an interest rate of 18.00%pa. An establishment fee of $220 and administration fee of $2 per week ($312). 156 weekly instalments of $45.36 each would be required to repay the loan. Total interest would be $1,544.16 making the total payable $7,076.16. The maximum APR inclusive of fees is 24.55%.